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Acts 1:1-5

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson introduces his series on the Book of Acts, expounding the book's salutation as a continuation of the things taught and promised by Christ for the church.

The Plan, the Power and the Promise

Acts 1:6-12

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the ascension of Christ.

Biblical Apostolic Succession

Acts 1:12-16

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives commentary on the apostle's replacement of Judas and the authority for church leadership as derived from the Holy Spirit.

The Promise Given: Acts

Acts 2:1-13

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on the Day of Pentecost.

This is That: Acts

Acts 2:14-21

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Peter the Apostle's explanation that the Day of Pentecost was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy.

Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of God: Acts

Acts 2:22-28

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments on the essential doctrines of apostolic preaching, including those concepts that speak to the holiness of God's will.

Jesus of Nazareth, Both Lord and Christ: Acts

Acts 2:29-36

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the messiahship central to the apostolic message. Dr. Johnson observes the parallels between Peter's preaching and Psalm 16.

Baptism and the Way of Salvation: Acts

Acts 2:37-40

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Peter's preaching and the place of baptism in receiving salvation through Christ.

The First Believers Chapel: Acts

Acts 2:41-47

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the operations of the early church.

Israel’s Second Chance: Acts

Acts 3:21-26

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses Peter's preaching about the fulfillment of God's promises in Christ Jesus.


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