Inconsistencies in Modified Calvinism

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Part I

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins a lecture series on modernistic interpretations of Calvinist theology. Dr. Johnson defines modified Calvinism as it often occurs in history, detailing its origins in the 17th Century.

Part II

This is a continuation of the lecture by Dr. Johnson on Moises Amyrault and modified Calvinism. A question and answer session follows.

Part III

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his criticism of so-called "four-point Calvinsim" with exposition on the Reformers' concept of limited atonement.

Part IV

This question and answer session concludes part III of this series.

Part V

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his lectures on modified or modernistic interpretations of Calvinist doctrines. Dr. Johnson explains the faulty exegesis of Amyraldianism.

Part VI

This transcript concludes the lecture begun by Dr. Johnson in part V of this series. Dr. S. Lewis Johnson completes his criticism of four-point Calvinism with exposition on how the Apostles understood the term "world."


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