Death and Afterwards

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Physical Death

Job 14: 1-5

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on the Scripture's references to the afterlife. In this first message, Dr. Johnson explains the Bible's concept of physical death.

The Bodily Resurrection and the Resurrection State

1 Cor. 15-35

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expunds the Scriptures concerning the status of souls when they are resurrected according to their redemption through Christ.

The Judgment of the Believers

1 Cor. 3:13-23

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson provides commentary on God's acceptance of the believer's faith.

The Coming and Kingdom of Jesus Christ

Rev 19:11-20:6

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson describes the standing of Christians before Christ at his return.

Death and Afterwards, part VI

Revelation 20: 11-15

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the Great White Throne Judgment.

The Eternal State and Eternal Punishment

Revelation 20:7-20:8

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his study on death and the afterlife with exposition on life for believers in eternity with God.

The Intermediate State

Luke 16: 19-31

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on what Scripture sets forth as an intermediate state of human existence, between death and resurrection for God's judgment.


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