Great Lions Of God The Life Of Paul

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An Historical, Doctrinal, Devotional Study of Saint Paul’s Life and Ministry

Acts 20:17-21 & 31-35

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson provides an in-depth analysis of Paul's Third Missionary Journey. Details are given surrounding the different relationships which are later related in the apostle's letters.

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey – IV: Paul and the Ephesian Elders

Acts 20

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments on the ministry of Paul to other church leaders during his visit to Troas during the third missionary journey.

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey – V: Conclusion and New Problems

Acts 21:1-46

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his study of Paul's third missionary journey. Dr. Johnson compares the entreaties against Paul's final trip to Jerusalem to the frequent attempts made by Christians to hinder God's calling.

Paul’s Apology at Jerusalem

Acts 22:1-30

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the apostle's defense of his faith before his former Jewish leaders.

Paul in the Midst of the Religious in Jerusalem

Acts 22:25

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson explains how Paul's testimony before the Jews in Jerusalem served to put their twisted faith system on trial.

Paul Before Felix

Acts 24:1-27

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Paul's testimony before the Roman purocrator as an example of the apostle's call that the Gentile repent.

Paul Before Festus

Acts 25:1-27

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Paul's additional hearing before Festus and Herod Agrippa II and his subsequent appeal to Caesar.

Agrippa, the Ship and on to Rome

Acts 26:1

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives commentary on Paul's trial-plagued journey to Rome. Dr. Johnson also observes how the final record of Paul's journey does not mark the end of God's work in building the church.

The Last Days of Paul

Acts 28:16-31

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his series on the life of the Apostle Paul with exposition on the apostle's preaching of the kingdom of God to the Romans. Dr. Johnson also comments on Paul's impact on subsequent church leaders of the first and second centuries.


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