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Divine Appointment and Human Disappointment

Luke 23:26-32

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses Jesus' prophecy to the women of Jerusalem as he and Simon of Cyrene made their way to Calvary.

Christ Among the Bandits

Luke 23:32-43

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on Jesus' exchange with the thieves crucified along with him.

The Son of God

Luke 1:26-30

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the meaning of the title, Son of God.

The Man Christ Jesus: The Peculiarities

Luke 1:26-38

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses the things that are true of Jesus Christ as the God-man, but are not true of human beings.

The Baptism of Christ

Luke 2:1-10

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the baptism of Jesus by John.

The Last Words – I

Luke 23:33-43

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins a sub-series on Jesus' final word on the cross. The first few statements are expounded, including Christ's exchanges with the thieves and his instructions concerning his mother.

The Necessity of Christ’s Death – IV

Luke 24:13-35

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his series on the necessity of Christ's sacrifice by seeking to substantiate it through the exposition of various references to the Messiah's act in the New Testament.

Part VI

Luke 1

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson explains how Mary recoginzes her purpose in carrying on God's plan of providing mankind with a Redeemer.

Doctrine of Eternal Punishment – II

Luke 12:41-48

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his discussion of eternal punishment, expounding Christ's own words regarding the afterlife. Modern theological concepts about life after death are also critiqued.

The Necessity of Prayer

Luke 6:12-16

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Jesus' prayer actions, illustrating prayer's fundamental importance in the Christian life.


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