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Justification by Faith – I


Dr. S. Lewis Johnson conducts a series in response to a trend during the 1990s within evangelicalism to minimize traditional Reformation doctrines. Dr. Johnson's first two messages deal with the classic concept of justification by faith.

Justification by Faith – II


Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his criticism of the idea that a legal justification of the sinner before God is the relevant product of faith.

Justification by Faith – III


Dr. S. Lewis Johnson sets forth the clear, specific Scriptures that explain justification by faith as a legal requirement by God.

Old Words but New Meanings


Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments against a recent notion that terms essential to expressing Christian truth, such as sin, judge, wrath and hell, be redefined.

Ancient Terms with Modern Accents


Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his critique of modernism in evangelical thought with an exposition on the terms faith, church and Son of God.


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