Eschatology in General

Key Eschatological Events

The Silence of God, or the Significance of the Present Age

Psalm 2, Luke 4

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson addresses the spirit of the age and its most fundamental struggles with the presence of God and the future. He asks the question, "Have you ever wondered if God really has spoken in his word?"

The Certainty of the Second Coming

Malachi 4

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson details the Scripture passages that provide evidence of Christ's Second Advent.

Premil Calendar, Future Events

Matthew 16, Isaiah 41

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson lays out the premillennial timeline of events with regard to Bible prophecy.

Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ

1 Corinthians 3

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition of what is meant by the judgment seat of Christ prophecied about in conjunction with his return.