General Epistles

1st, 2nd, 3rd John

The Eternal Life with the Father

1st John 1:1-4

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins his exposition of the Apostle John's letters to believers by discussing the centrality of Christ's eternal lordship over the Christian's faith.

The Eternal Life and the Fellowship

1st John 1:5-7

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds further from the opening passage of 1 John by explaining how the Christian obtains fellowship with God and His light.

Communion and Confession

1st John 1:8-10

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the famous passage of 1 John dealing with the Christian's confession of sin. The true role of confession in the believer's life is discussed.

An Advocate With the Father

1st John 2:1-2

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson exposits Jesus' role as advocate for the sinner.

The Propitiation for Sinners

1st John 2:1-2

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the passage from John's letter which declares the living, continuing role of advocacy that is provided by Christ Jesus.

An Old and New Commandment

1st John 2:7-11

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments on John the Apostle's instructions for beleivers to walk in the light.

In the Light – A Three-fold Assurance

1st John 2:12-14

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds John's exhortations to his fellow Christians. John's emphasis on what he had written is compared to God's use of Scripture generally to convey divine truth and guidance for living.

Squandering Love and the Abiding Life

1st John 2:15-17

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds what is meant by "the lust of the flesh," "the lust of the eyes," and the "boastful pride of life."

The Last Hour and the Doctrinal Test

1st John 2:18-21

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses what he calls the Apostle John's doctrinal test, essentially the Christian's allegiance to the sonship and messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ Loyal to His Word

1st John 2:22-25

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson explains the Apostle John's emphasis on the second person of the Trinity in knowing God's truth and light. Criticism of modern faith systems which minimize Christ's diety is included in the exposition.

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