The Prophets


Joel – Judah, the Locust, and the Day of the Lord

Joel 1:1-20

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins his exposition of the prophecy of Joel. Dr. Johnson comments on the book's unique emphasis and description of "the Day of the Lord," something he refers to as a central doctrinal concept of the Bible.

Joel – Judah’s Repentance and God’s Repentance

Joel 2:1-17

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his exposition of the Prophecy of Joel by discussing the seemingly contradictory "repentance" of an unchanging God.

Joel – Joel and the Day of Pentecost

Joel 2:18-32

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson provides commentary on the Apostle Peter's reference to the Prophecy of Joel at the Day of Pentecost.

Joel – The Gentiles’ Surprise in the Valley of Jehoshaphat

Joel 3:1-14

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expound's Joel's prophecy of the Gentile nations coming against Israel in the days before the Lord's return. Dr. Johnson points out that the world's hostility against God's chosen is nevertheless part of the sovereign execution of his purposes.

Joel – The Day of the Lord in Verdict Valley

Joel 3:13-21

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson concludes his exposition of the Prophecy of Joel with commentary on the books' record of God's final judgment of all nations. Dr. Johnson expounds the prophet's words in the light of God's offer of salvation to humankind.

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