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The Servant of Jehovah, the Covenant of the People and the Light of the Gentiles

Isaiah 42

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the passage of Isaiah's prophecy which details the servanthood of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

After Discipline: Deliverance

Isaiah 43 - 44:23

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the section of Isaiah's prophecy that describes the purpose of God's salvation of the saints.

Cyrus: Anointed of Jehovah and His Greater Captain

Isaiah 44:24 - 45:25

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on the selection of the Persian King, Cyrus, to serve as God's "anointed one" in accomplishing his purposes in the divine plan of salvation.

Babylon Again! Its Gods and Its Fall

Isaiah 46:1 - 47:15

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Isaiah's prophecy concerning the spirit of Babylon set against God. The contrast betwen the gods of ancient Babylon and Jehovah is made.

The Moral Claims of Predicted Prophecy

Isaiah 41:22-23

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments on how to discern God's truth in prophecy.

The Glorious Success of the Discouraged Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 49:1-26

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins his exposition on the explicit Messianic prophecies of Isaiah.

Israel’s Sin and the Servant’s Steadfast Salvation

Isaiah 50:1-11

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his exposition of Isaiah's prophecy of the future Suffering Servant.

Tidings of Salvation to Stricken Jerusalem

Isaiah 51 - 52:12

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the saving work of Jehovah for his people.

The Degradation and Exaltation of the Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds Isaiah's prophecy with regard to the suffering of the Messiah.

The Glory of the Covenant Nation

Isaiah 54

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses the hope that is found for the Jewish people in Isaiah's prophecy.


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