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The Creation of the World

Genesis 1: 1-2, various

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson begins his exposition of the first Book of the Bible by expounding the verses of Genesis which describe God's creative power in eternity.

The House of Bondage

Exodus 1: 1-22

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson introduces his series on Israel's passage "From Egypt to Canaan." Dr. Johnson comments on the genocide, bondage and suffering that was inflicted upon the Israelites.

The Voice of God’s First Prophet to Our Dying World

Genesis 4: 1-8

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the sacrifices of Cain and Abel.

The Light of the World

Genesis 1:3-5

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the creation of light by God.

Creation Continued

Genesis 1:6-19

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his study of God's creation of the universe. Criticism is provided of the different views of the world's origin.

Man and the Cultural Mandate

Genesis 1:20-2:3

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson teaches on God's command that man subdue the earth. Dr. Johnson also explains the origin of the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Mystery of Man

Genesis 2:4-7

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson discusses man's struggle with understanding himself outside of his creation by God.

Man in His Probation

Genesis 2:8-17

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson continues his exposition of Genesis with the Covenant of Works between God and Adam.

The First Divine Institution

Genesis 2:18-25

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson teaches on the first union between man and woman.

The Fall of Man

Genesis 3:1-8

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson exposits the temptation of woman and man and their disobedience to God's word.


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