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Sting of Death, Seed of Woman

Genesis 3:8-19

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the Genesis passage which relates God's meeting with man after his sin.

Paradise Lost, but Regainable!

Genesis 3:20-24

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson goes into further detail about God's judgment of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden. God's promise of a future redemption is expounded, and the symbolism between God's provision after man's Fall and Christ's sacrifice on Calvary is examined.

The Voice of God’s First Prophet

Genesis 4:1-8

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the sacrifices of Cain and Abel.

The Way of Cain

Genesis 4:9-26

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the Scripture passage that details the judgment of Cain and the godless society formed by his offspring.

Grim Reaper and Rapture of Enoch

Genesis 5:1-32

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson comments on the genealogy of Adam. The life of Enoch is also exposited.

The Day of Noah

Genesis 6:1-8

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson described the wickedness of the world in which Noah was called to build the ark.

Noah and the Power of the Minority

Genesis 6:9-22

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition on God's choice of Noah to build the Ark.

Great Flood and the Saving Ark

Genesis 7:1-24

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson teaches on the food and Noah's salvation.

Noah Saved, World Condemned

Genesis 8:1-22

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds God's judgment of man during the flood.

The Universal Covenant

Genesis 9:1-17

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson gives exposition of Noah's sacrifice to God after the flood and God's subsequent promise to him.


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